Desirial Plus 2ml



Doctors use Desirial Plus 2ml for peri-menopausal, menopausal women and women in reproductive age with a predisposition for or manifest signs of moderate to severe hypotrophy. It is a gel with revolution formula to preserve woman`s health. You can buy Desirial Plus 2ml online from

The main ingredient of this product is antioxidant hyaluronic acid.

Because women, entered menopause and completing it, suffer from vaginal dryness. 80% for the first category and 50% to the second. Also this disease may affect woman in any period of life. So VivacyLaboratoires designed Desirial as a solution of vaginal dryness.

Before you take Desirial consult with your doctor about side effects and allergic reactions.

After your treatment the glandular cells getting less nutrition and becomes atrophic. They begin to work properly. Also your vaginal mucosa becomes dry like the whole skin.


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