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Today, there is no need to resort to surgical intervention to achieve the ideal figure. Cosmetologists have developed a huge number of different injection techniques to get rid of local fat deposits. One of these methods is Intralipotherapy with Aqualix.

Intralipotherapy procedure allows you to avoid a more radical intervention – liposuction, and bring your body into excellent shape! 

This procedure can get rid of problematic fat zones. Buy Aqualyx online for a procedure with a qualified specialist and fall in love with your body again. Aqualyx for sale is available on our site.

What you should know about Aqualyx

Aqualyx (Aqualix) – a cosmetic product that is used for the Intralipotherapy procedure.

The drug consists of sodium deoxycholate and auxiliary components. Sodium deoxycholate is a bile acid salt produced by the body itself, therefore it does not pose any danger or harm to human health.

The essence lies in the introduction of a special fat-burning drug in the area, the required additional correction.

The introduction of Aqualix into the fat layer leads to intensive fat burning in adipocytes (adipose tissue cells) and to a decrease in the volume of subcutaneous fat. The emulsions formed under the influence of Aqualyx are excreted from the body through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

The process of elimination of fat cells occurs gradually, over about 20 days so that your body does not experience stress. 

Patients should take into account that the agent acts only to reduce local fat deposits, general body weight loss (as during a diet) will not occur, and the drug cannot affect cellulite.

Opportunities of Aqualyx

Lipolytic is not aimed at general weight loss but is aimed at combating fat deposits in specific areas of the body. The main indications for the administration of the drug are the presence of unwanted fatty deposits in these areas:

  • abdomen;
  • buttocks;
  • inner thighs;
  • back;
  • shoulders and forearms;
  • knees;
  • neck;
  • chin.

Aqualyx Intralipotherapy will help you get smooth, radiant skin, reduce the volume of fat in problem areas and become more confident in your beauty.

Benefits of Aqualyx

The main benefits:

  • Safety. Due to the correspondence of the component of the drug to the substances produced by the body itself, the immune system does not perceive it as a hostile environment. The non-toxic solution in sterile vials is completely removed from the body after a while.
  • Strict localization. Dosed administration of the solution provides a local effect on the selected areas, without interfering with neighboring areas of the body.
  • Minimal trauma. Thanks to the flexible atraumatic cannula and extensive impact on the injection area, there is no need to carry out more than 3-4 injections in the selected area.
  • No complications. Subject to the rules of the injection technique, there are no complications.

Aqualix is ​​recognized as the safest and most effective drug. It selectively and gradually acts on fat deposits, destroying, binding, and removing fat. It does not have a traumatic effect on muscles and skin, which distinguishes it from several other drugs. It is recommended to use Aqualix as part of an integrated approach to body shaping.

Also, the Aqualix procedure will help:

  • activate metabolic processes that promote fat burning;
  • form a beautiful relief;
  • make the skin smooth and elastic;
  • to shape those parts of your body that are difficult to “include” in the process of fat burning through diet and exercise.

Are Aqualyx’s products safe?

The procedure itself is painless and safe. Although Aqualix is ​​synthetic, it has no adverse effects due to the following reasons:

  • The tool functions in a restricted space.
  • Due to the gel structure, it doesn’t come into contact with the closest tissues. It only affects fat.
  • With very little interaction with systems and tissues, the impact of the medication on the whole body is excluded.
  • The content of fat cells is excreted naturally with the help of the lymph.
  • Due to the insignificance of the doses, there is no load on the internal organs.

Therefore, the drug is safe. But be careful if you want to buy Aquylyx online for cheap. If the price is too low, we will not recommend risking your health.

Contraindications of Aqualyx

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Inflammatory processes in the acute phase;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Autoimmune disorders;
  • Pathology of the heart and circulatory system;
  • Diabetes mellitus of the second and first types;

Why choose Aqualyx?

“Aqualix” allows you to dispose of fatty deposits in a particular area. This could be anywhere on the human body.

The drug has a gel-like structure, which allows it to be most accurately distributed over adipose tissue. This property of the drug gives a pronounced result, allowing you to significantly reduce the risk of side effects.

No special preparation is required for non-surgical liposuction.

Aqualyx price is cost-effective if the procedure is well made. You can buy Aqualyx online at


Is the treatment painful?

The procedure is comfortable, and local anesthesia is done if necessary.

Will I keep the fat off?

Destroyed fat cells will be completely removed from the body in 2-3 weeks.

What damage could Aqualyx do to muscle?

If Aqualyx is placed deeply into muscle tissue, then it can cause injury, however, this is very uncommon. Aqualix should be prescribed only by specialists with higher medical education and special training.