Cytocare 532


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Cytocare 532 by Revitacare

Doctorst use Cytocare 532 to reduces wrinkles whilst giving you the right amount of radiance, replenish hydration. Also to create and enhance a radiant glow, delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. REVITACARE is a French Laboratory specialized in cutting-edge Research, Development and Manufacturing of anti-aging highly elaborated formulas. You can buy Cytocare 532 online from

Cytocare is designed to help you achieve youthful glow by working in your skin to regenerate the dermis.

The main ingredient of this product is Hyaluronic acid. So if you have allergic reactions to any of ingredients do not use Cytocare 532. Also if you are pregnant or lactating.

As well as other medicine this product has some side effects. Mild swelling, redness or discomfort in the injection area. But they disappearing in two or three days.

The result seen for up to 3 months but it depends on individual lifestyle and age. can supply you with 100% authentic 10x5ml syringes of this product.


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