Sculptra 2 Vials



Sculptra 2 vials by Sinclair

Doctors use Sculptra 2 vials to correct the signs of facial fat loss or lipoatrophy. It is an injection which show fantastic result and are noticeable immediately. It also restoring natural functions of the body because of collagen. What is collagen is? It is a type of fat which can be lost overtime resulting in saggy skin lacking firmness. So Sculptra creates the opposite effect and reverses loss by restoring it. You can buy Sculptra 2 vials online from


The main ingredient of Sculptra is Poly-l-lactic acid. It restores all lost collagen. This restoring happens by absorbing into the skin. Over the period duration 3 treatment are required.

This product is a treatment approved by the FDA. Filler Supplies can supply you with 100% authentic 2 vials syringes of this product.

The result after treatment seen up to 2 years.


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