Profhilo H+L (1x2ml)



Profhilo injection is a new revolutionary method of skin hydration and revitalization. The drug is developed by IBSA Farmceutici and has got many awards as a very strong medication for skin rejuvenation. Although most people search for Profhilo USA, this drug is equally popular in all countries. It consists of pure hyaluronic acid without other artificial ingredients, that’s why even people who have allergic reactions can use Profhilo and don’t be afraid of bad consequences. The unique HA-formula stimulates natural regenerative processes, waters the skin layers, improves blood circulation, forces collagen creation and makes the skin smooth and with plane tone.
Profhilo H+L isn’t a simple dermal filler created to refresh dermal layers. It also has therapeutic properties and helps to get rid of skin ageing, pigment spots, post-operation scars, gastrointestinal tract dystrophy, and other age-related body changes.


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