Aqualyx 10 vials


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Aqualyx 10 vials

Aqualyx by Marllor Biomedical is used by Doctors as an aqueous solution with a micro-gelatinous base purposely formulated to enhance and control the ultrasound waves action for the microcavitation of adipose tissue for the medical treatment of lipohypertrophy, and “buffalos hump” in collaboration with the ultrasound wave generator.

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Aqualyx is injected with a special technique called intralipotherapy into adipose tissue to produce aqueous imbibition of this tissue permitting ultrasound waves, which are externally applied on the skin, to produce a microcavitation process in the injected area, intensifing the organic fluids drainage present in the treated tissue.

This so called cavitational adipocytolisis protocol, is determined for the non-surgical treatment of the cited above cases and especially the superior lateral region of the thigh, also known as “culotte de cheval”.


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