Macrolane VRF-30 10ml



Macrolane VRF-30 10ml by Galderma

Doctors use Macrolane VRF-30 10ml for body contouring and breast enhancement. Also for enhancing the breasts to give them increased volume. The main ingredient of this product is biocompatible hyaluronic acid which is naturally broken down by the body. You can buy Macrolane VRF-30 10ml online

It is non surgical method so there is no scars. The gel injected into sub glandular area of the breasts. The result is seen immediately and is suitable for areas with less tissue support.

The effect of Macrolane VRF-30 can last up to 12 months but it depends on the individual age and lifestyle.

As well as other medicine Macrolane has some side effects. Minor pain and swelling are most common side effects. Also redness and tender pain. Before use this product consult with your doctor.

Do not use Macrolane VRF-30 10ml if you have allergic reactions to any of ingredients.


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