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Stylage L Lidocaine injectable filler is designed to correct deep wrinkles and folds. The main component of the drug is stabilized hyaluronic acid, created using the latest 3D Matrix and IPN-Like technologies, which allow you to get an even, stable and long-lasting effect, while maintaining the naturalness of the skin.

You can buy the drug from certified suppliers in our online store. Our price for Stylage L is the most affordable among the proposals on the market. Taking care of our customers and focusing on long-term cooperation, we provide only high-quality, certified products that have won an excellent reputation among the drugs for aesthetic cosmetology.

What you should know about Stylage L

The high-concentration filler Stylage L Lidocaine (24 mg/g) is a popular choice among beauty salons and clinics. In addition to hyaluronic acid, this monophasic, homogenous, pyrogen-free, sterile gel contains the antioxidant mannitol and 0.3% lidocaine.

In the production of Stylage L Lidocaine, as in the production of other Stylage products, two unique technologies are used that allow the gel to firmly occupy the leading positions in the segment of dense gels for the correction of deep deformities.

The stability of the hyaluronic acid molecules in the preparation is due to 3D Matrix technology. The material accumulates additional cross-linking of molecules during the manufacturing process, making it resistant to the effects of hyaluronidase. The effects of Style L Lidocaine can continue up to a year, after which it is recommended that you see a specialist for a remedial surgery.

The filler exhibits excellent elasticity and softness properties, due to which the correction is minimally noticeable. This delicate effect is made possible by the use of IPN-Like technology. The hyaluronic acid molecules in Stylage L Lidocaine gel have a “mesh” structure, they ideally fill the resulting voids, softly filling every millimeter of the layer.

Experts in the field of cosmetology recommend buying Stylage Lidocaine filler L, claiming that Stylage lidocaine relieves the procedure and makes it more comfortable for the patient. The results, after using the product, will pleasantly surprise clients, deep wrinkles will go away, the skin will become smooth, fresh and well-groomed, and the price of the drug is an order of magnitude lower than that of other fillers from well-known companies.

Opportunities of Stylage L

  •     Skin rejuvenation;
  •     Removal of nasolabial folds;
  •     Smoothing deep wrinkles;
  •     Prevention of age-related changes;
  •     Elimination of “puppet lines” at the mouth;
  •     Volume replenishment on the backs of the palms.

Benefits of Stylage L

  •     Uses 3D Matrix technology for a long lasting effect;
  •     The use of IPN-Like technology, which gives the gel additional elasticity, thanks to which the result looks as natural as possible;
  •     The presence of antioxidants (mannitol, sorbitol) in the preparation, providing an additional anti-aging effect, and lidocaine, which makes injections practically painless.

Are Stylage L’s products safe?

Vivacy maintains high quality and safety standards for its products. The drug does not cause allergies and side effects during the procedure.

The filler has passed all the necessary certification, meets all the requirements established by the health authorities.

Contraindications of Stylage L

  •     Tumors;
  •     Autoimmune diseases;
  •     Epilepsy;
  •     Herpes;
  •     Tendency to form keloids;
  •     Allergy to hyaluronic acid, mannitol or lidocaine;
  •     Pregnancy;
  •     Lactation;
  •     Age under 18.

Why choose Stylage L?

The main active ingredients of the Stylage L filler are stabilized hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant mannitol. Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid – 24 mg/g, the deep layers of the dermis are filled with the necessary substance to maintain healthy, flexible and smooth skin. The improved formula provides easy administration of the drug, fast and even distribution over the skin, no “migration” effect of the filler in the tissues, and natural smoothing. Suitable for all skin types, it is recommended for patients with thick skin, where other drugs show weak effectiveness.

Stylage L is a drug from a French manufacturer with increased density. It is used to correct and correct deep to medium wrinkles through insertion into the deep dermal layers. Stylage L for lips is also used to give them a noticeable volume, to restore the deficiency of the epithelial cover.

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Does Stylage L contain lidocaine?

This filler is available in both forms - with lidocaine and without.

How long does Stylage L Lidocaine last?

The duration of the drug's action is on average 12 months. To preserve the results, annual re-sessions are recommended.

What does the Stylage L package contain?

Each package contains 2 syringes, volume - 1 ml. Also comes with 4 27G needles.