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Stylage 1 ML is a new generation French drug developed by Laboratoire Vivacy for facial contouring, lip augmentation and correction, bio revitalizer.

The introduction of hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which increases its elasticity, and also restores its water balance. The hyaluronic acid in the Stylage is stabilized using the most modern IPN-Like technology, which allows for a longer retention of the effect.

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What you should know about Stylage 1 MI

Stylage 1 MI is the first hyaluronic acid filler to contain the anesthetic lidocaine and an antioxidant (mannitol).

The drug is produced in several versions, which allows each time to select the optimal dosage for the correction of a certain area. Filler 1 ml Stylage removes wrinkles (in the forehead area, crow’s feet, in the area of ​​the nose, chin and mouth, etc.), replenishes the moisture lost by the skin and models the contours of the face – cheekbones, cheeks, facial contours and lip volume.

There are 13 preparations (11 fillers and 2 bio revitalizers) designed to solve different problems and different areas of application:

  • Stylage S and Stylage S Lidocaine. Both drugs solve the same problems: they get rid of small superficial wrinkles of the “crow’s feet” type, mask minor skin imperfections and carry out a slight correction of the lips, providing them with the most natural look. The difference lies in the presence among the components of one of the fillers of lidocaine to facilitate the administration of the gel to people with increased pain sensitivity.
  • Stylage M and Stylage M Lidocaine. The preparations are designed to correct moderate and deep wrinkles, correct the shape of the nose, shape and volume of the lips, return the skin to youth, freshness and elasticity.
  • Stylage L and Stylage L Lidocaine. They fill the voids under deep wrinkles, smooth out pronounced folds, and replenish the lost volume.
  • Stylage XL, Stylage XL Lidocaine and Stylage XXL. These are the most persistent Stylage fillers. They have high gel viscosity and hyaluronic acid concentration. They are used in difficult cases, allowing: “sculpt” the face anew, adding the necessary volumes to it and correcting the outlines; eliminate deep wrinkles, scars, scars; neutralize the effects of mild gravitational ptosis (sagging) of the eyelids.
  • Stylage Special Lips and Stylage Special Lips Lidocaine. The filler, created to work with sensitivity and easily subject to negative skin changes in the lip area, solves several problems at once: it returns a clear contour to the lips, gives volume (augmentation), fills in vertical wrinkles, moisturizes, and slows down the aging process. If you want to buy Stylage 1 ml for lips – you can also use Stylage Special Lips 1ml.
  • Stylage Hydro and Hydromax. The purpose of using these two drugs is biorevitalization: improvement of complexion and skin turgor; return to the dermis of elasticity and firmness; restoration of the required moisture level.

According to the calculations of Laboratoire Vivacy itself, the average results look like this:

  • Stylage S: up to 9 months;
  • Stylage L: up to 12 months;
  • Stylage M and Stylage M Lidocain: up to 12 months;
  • Stylage XL and Stylage XXL: 8 to 14 months;
  • Stylage Special Lips: 6 to 9 months;
  • Stylage Hydro and Hydromax: 2-4 months.

Opportunities of Stylage 1 MI

  • fills in fine wrinkles and deep folds;
  • helps to correct the shape of the lips, cheekbones, nose, chin, lower jaw line;
  • moisturizes the skin in its deep layers, replenishing the lack of its own hyaluronic acid that manifests itself with age.

Benefits of Stylage 1 MI

  • favorable cost;
  • plasticity, ease of implantation;
  • suitable for different age groups;
  • the result lasts up to 12 months.

Are Stylage 1 MI’s products safe?

Biogel is created in such a way as to minimize the risk of allergies. Since hyaluronic acid, which is the main part of it, is part of the body tissues, rejection is unlikely. However, the success of the procedure is 50% dependent on the skill of the beautician, so take care of finding a trustworthy specialist.

Contraindications of Stylage 1 MI

  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • viral infections;
  • inflammation in targeted areas;
  • herpes;
  • oncology;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • tendency to form keloid scars.

Why choose Stylage 1 MI?

Stylage is a modern and high-quality product designed to combat age-related changes and other skin imperfections. They fulfill the manufacturer’s promises, are not too expensive and have their own advantages over competitors.

According to official statistics from Laboratoire Vivacy, 91% of physicians using Stylage products are confident that their use will guarantee the most natural result. 87% appreciated the fillers ‘ability to create volume, and 85% said their clients’ skin quality had improved significantly.

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Can Stylage fillers be combined with other brands?

It is possible if they are based on hyaluronic acid. In this case, some areas of the face are allowed to be pierced with Stylage biogel, and others - with a product of another company.

How long is biogel in the body?

Even the thickest and longest-lasting XXL disintegrates and is completely eliminated from the body within 8-14 months.

From which age can I make my lip contouring?

Lip contouring can be done at any age, starting from the age of 18.