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Xeomin belongs to the neurotoxin family, which also includes serum albumin and sucrose. The active ingredient in localized muscle paralysis is botulinum toxin. This characteristic produces the effect of smoothing out the muscles that are involved in the creation of skin wrinkles. 

The drug’s effect is calculated with a delayed effect in mind. As a result, you won’t see the results for another two weeks. If you want to buy Xeomin – you can make Xeomin order online. 

What you should know about Xeomin

Xeomin is a highly pure type A botulinum toxin generated by the Clostridium botulinum bacterial strain. The fact that Xeomin is a pure neurotoxin, free of complexing proteins, decreases the danger of side effects and addiction even when used on a regular basis. The medicine works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, as well as between the brows and on the forehead. 

Xeomin is a botulinum toxin type A-based product manufactured in Germany that is used in cosmetology to remove expression wrinkles. This is the purest botulinum toxin preparation available, and it can be maintained at room temperature for up to 25 degrees Celsius. 

The effects of Xeomin injections usually last 3-4 months, after which the drug’s effect begins to fade because Xeomin’s relaxing effect on the face muscles wears off. The Xeomin drug’s residual impact can last up to two months, and it’s recommended that you repeat the operation after six months. 

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Opportunities of Xeomin

  • Wrinkles between the brows, forehead, and “crow’s feet” are treated;
  • Gum grin correction; 
  • Raise the corners of your mouth; 
  • Lifting “Nefertiti” (to slow down the aging of the muscles); 
  • Correction of the neck’s muscular cords; 
  • Lip creases with a pursed appearance; 
  • Wrinkles around the chin are removed. 

Benefits of Xeomin

  • Due to the lack of a protein component in its composition, it is safe to use (allergic and local inflammatory reactions are nearly non-existent); 
  • Unlike Botox and Dysport, it can be stored at room temperature, eliminating the danger of drug inefficiency due to improper transit and storage; 
  • Because antibodies are not formed in the body even after repeated administration of Xeomin, there is no such unwanted event as the body’s insensitivity to the treatment; 
  • Xeomin injections are slightly less expensive than Botox and Dysport injections;
  • The medicine has no effect on the deep layers of facial muscles, allowing the body’s emotional reactions to being preserved. 

Are Xeomin’s products safe?

Xeomin helps you to avoid wrinkles or get rid of them while maintaining your natural expression. Xeomin includes no protein. Instead, the preparation comprises only an active neurotoxin, free of contaminants and preservatives, lowering the likelihood of allergic responses. 

The doctor’s professionalism and experience, carefully determining doses, the precise injection procedure, rigorous adherence to sterility, and many other critical elements all contribute to a successful outcome. 

Contraindications of Xeomin

  • Sensitivity to the drug’s components on an individual basis; 
  • Lactation and pregnancy; 
  • The inflammatory process in the location where the injection is to be given; 
  • Somatic disorders in the throes of aggravation or decompensation; 
  • Conditions characterized by a rise in temperature; 
  • Myasthenic and myasthenic syndromes (including Lambert-Eaton syndrome); 
  • Face tissues with severe gravitational ptosis; 
  • Upper eyelids with strong “hernias”; 
  • A high degree of myopia (according to the assessment of the ophthalmologist); 
  • Using a number of pharmacological medications (antibiotics, anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.). 

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Why choose Xeomin?

It’s vital to understand that Xeomin is not a rejuvenating agent; it doesn’t manufacture collagen, which is responsible for the body’s connective tissue’s strength. Xeomin is a medication that relaxes and rests the muscles that cause imitation wrinkles. However, the effect of Xeomin injections appears to be rejuvenation on the surface. We obtain an astonishing effect from relaxing facial muscles: wrinkles in the eyes, lips, forehead and other regions of the face are smoothed out. The creation of new wrinkles is also halted, in addition to the smoothing of existing ones. All of the functions of face motion are totally kept, while the skin is altered and regenerated. 

The outlines of the face and its oval are improved thanks to Xeomin injections. Wrinkles are smoothed out, and the cheekbones and jawline are emphasized. The sorrowful, mournful expression on the face vanishes when the corners of the mouth are raised. The face becomes more open and expressive, and the creases around the eyes fade away. 

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What is the difference between Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport?

Unlike Botox and Dysport, Xeomin does not contain any protein additions at the molecular level. The potential advantage of this is mostly for those individuals who cease responding to Botox treatment because antibodies to these proteins are produced.

How long does the effect of Xeomin last?

The medicine Xeomin has a slow onset and grows stronger with time. The first effects of Xeomin injections can be seen as early as 2-3 days, with the total result appearing 12-14 days later when the muscles that cause imitation wrinkles have entirely relaxed.

Does Xeomin have any disadvantages?

One of the downsides is that, in comparison to Botox, the effect after the injection lasts a little less time.