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Xeomin is a sterile lyophilized form of botulinum toxin, free of complexing proteins, produced by a strain of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum type A.

In simpler terms, it is simply botox purified from proteins, which should act gently and without side effects, without being rejected by the body.

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The indisputable priority of Xeomin over Botox and Dysport is that this drug does not require strict storage conditions and a short period of effectiveness in the printed form. That is, having come to the salon in the evening, you can be sure that the drug will work in any case, although it was not opened with you, unlike Botox and Dysport. Dysport, Botox, Bocouture can have an incredible effect on wrinkles.

What you should know about Bocouture

Xeomin (Bocouture) is a German drug from the Merz company, which differs from Botox and other analogs in the absence of complex Clostridial proteins in its composition. When developing the technology for the removal of these components, they hoped to increase the safety of the agent, first of all, to reduce the frequency of allergic reactions. However, in practice, no differences have been identified in the security profiles of these tools.

The effect of Bocouture injections is achieved by relaxing the facial muscles that form wrinkles. The result of the introduction of Botox injections is the elimination of wrinkles, smooth smoothed skin. Bocouture, Botox price is available for checking at

Correction of wrinkles with Xeomin is done by doctors who have been trained and have a certificate that gives the right to use this drug in practice. 

There is no special process needed for this procedure. Before the procedure, a consultation is held, at which the doctor determines the features of the patient’s facial expressions and explains what result to expect from the injections.

To accurately determine the places of entry, the doctor asks the patient to show the amplitude of possible facial expressions: he offers to frown strongly, smile, etc.

The drug is injected with thin needles, which makes the procedure comfortable.

The effect of the drug can be seen 2-5 days after the procedure, the effect will be fully manifested in 2 weeks. At this time, a repeated consultation with a doctor is required to evaluate the result and, if necessary, carry out a correction, if it is desirable to enhance the effect in some areas.

The achieved result lasts up to six months, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

The rehabilitation period is on average 1-2 days. A slight reddening of the skin is possible at the injection sites.

It is possible to reduce the dose of the drug with each subsequent procedure, as the habit of excessively wrinkling” the face disappears. For this reason, Xeomin is recommended for the prevention of the appearance of wrinkles for those who have a mobile face with active facial expressions.

Opportunities of Bocouture

Wrinkles are partially smoothed or disappear:

  • around the eyes and under the eyes, “crow’s feet”;
  • on the forehead and bridge of the nose (“proud wrinkle”);
  • “Purse string” wrinkles – fine wrinkles around the lips;
  • the corners of the mouth are raised, removing the “mask of despondency”;
  • Natural facial expressions are fully preserved.

With the help of Botox injections (Botox, Bocouture), mimic wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, above the upper lip are eliminated. Bocouture, Botox price is available for checking on our site. 

Benefits of Bocouture

  •  Safe. Regular use and additional corrections without developing numbness. Reduced the risk of side effects due to the lack of complexing proteins;
  • The effectiveness of Xeomin is similar to that of first-generation drugs;
  • Delicate. Removes wrinkles, preserves natural facial expressions. Suitable for both men and women;
  • New. The only purified toxin in cosmetology.

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Are Bocouture’s products safe?

Medicine has learned to use botulinum toxin for good and with proven effectiveness. It is important to know that the dose of botulinum toxin required to correct wrinkles is minimal: 10 times less than that used in medicine, and hundreds. Times less than the life-threatening dose.

Attention! Only trained professionals with a medical background can inject.

If you’re interested in this procedure, you can check for a qualified specialist whose professionalism you can trust and start to search for the drug to buy. You can check the Bocouture price at

Contraindications of Bocouture

  • inflammation at the injection sites;
  • taking aminoglycoside antibiotics;
  • SARS and ARI;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

As you can see, the drug has a pretty common contradiction. You can be sure about the positive effect if you have a nice specialist for it. You can buy Bocouture online for your procedure on our site. 

Why choose Bocouture?

  •  during the procedure of Botox injections, the doctor uses very thin needles that do not leave marks on the face;
  • the procedure is quick and easy;
  •  the botox injection procedure takes about 20-30 minutes;
  • The effect (elimination of wrinkles) occurs 2-3 days after injections of botox (Botox, Bocouture) and fully develops by the end of the 2nd week.

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How long does Bocouture last?

The results of wrinkle elimination after botox procedures are maintained for 6-8 months.

Who is Bocouture suitable for?

If you have a habit of frowning, and the wrinkles on your forehead are already deep, you need to think about drugs that can fill in the wrinkles and restore the lost volume.

How many units of Bocouture do I need for my forehead?

10 to 20 units of Botox to treat the forehead.